Used centrifuges + OEM centrifuge parts

Disc Separator CHPX513SFD-34CG-50

Used Alfa Laval Disc Separator CHPX513SFD-34CG-50

Disc Separator CHPX513SFD-34CG Technical specifications Manufacturing year: Maximum hydraulic capacity: 20.000 l/h Bowl speed: 6240 rpm Motor: 22 Kw Feed temperature range: 0–100°C (32–212°F) 1.Paring chamber top part 2.Small lock ring 3.Level ring (shrinked into bowl hood) 4.Distributor 5.Cap nut 6.Bowl hood 7.Bowl disc stack 8.Large lock ring 9.Bowl body 10.Bowl hood seal ring 11.Sediment…
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July 24, 2022 0
Disc Separator SDC130-76-107

Used GEA Westfalia Disc Separator SDC130-76-107

Disc Separator SDC130-76-107 Manufacturing year: 2006 Rated capacity feed: Max. 250 m3/h Bowl speed: 4500 rpm Number of nozzles : 18 Motor: 132 Kw Disc Separator SDC130-76-107 is a nozzle separator. it has been designed for continuous starch concentration and clarification. If the bowl is equipped with an additional wash water system also a starch…
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July 10, 2022 0
Disc Separator P-605

Used Alfa Laval Disc Separator P-605

Disc Separator P-605 Application Disc separator P-605 is based on purifier technology, which means that the oil/water interphase is manually adjusted by means of a gravity disc. Because the separator does not automatically adjust to varying oil density, they are most suitable for economical cleaning of the following: Lubrication oils Distillates Lighter diesel oils If…
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July 9, 2022 0

Used Alfa Laval Decanter Centrifuge FOODEC 200 [99% NEW]

Decanter Centrifuge FOODEC 200

June 11, 2022 0
Krauss Maffei peeler centrifuge HZ125-2.5SI

Used Krauss Maffei Peeler Centrifuge HZ125-2.5SI

Krauss Maffei peeler centrifuge HZ125-2.5SI It is batch operated filtration centrifuges known for their reliable performance at high capacity. It is used in many processes, primarily in the bulk chemicals, fine chemicals, and food industries. The horizontal rotor assembly is cantilever mounted and, depending on the application, can be provided with a conventional filtration basket…
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June 3, 2022 0
Disc Separator GTPX517TGV-15CG

Used Alfa Laval Disc Separator GTPX517TGV-15CG

Disc Separator GTPX517TGV-15CG is special designed in 3-phase (fuel oil / water / solids) separation . it mainly used for heavy fuel oil treatment in power plant. Disc Separator GTPX517TGV-15CG Main structure 1. Inlet and outlet device 2. Bowl 3. Vertical driving device with bowl spindle 4. Horizontal driving device 5. Worm gear 6. Frame…
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May 23, 2022 0
Decanter centrifuge UCA 501-00-02

Used GEA Westfalia Decanter Centrifuge UCA 501-00-02

Decanter centrifuge UCA 501-00-02 The Used GEA Westfalia Decanter Centrifuge UCA 501-00-02 a continuously operating horizontal solid wall centrifuge for dewatering requirements of industrial and municipal waste water sludge. The frame is of open design with gravity discharge of the clarified phase. Technical parameters: Manufacturing year: 2003 Bowl diameter: 500 mm Bowl speed: 3000 rpm…
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May 22, 2022 0
Decanter Centrifuge CA505-01-12

Used GEA Westfalia Decanter Centrifuge CA505-01-12

Decanter Centrifuge CA505-01-12 Technical specifications Max. bowl speed: 3500 rpm Bowl inert diameter: 510 mm L : D = 4.0 Max. sediment density: 2.0 Kg/dm3 Half cone angle : 10° Primary motor: 90 Kw Min. feeding temperature: 5℃ Max. feeding temperature: 80℃ Manufacturing year: 1995 Working principle of Decanter Centrifuge CA505-01-12 The clarified liquid is…
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April 3, 2022 0
Disc Separator MSD70-01-076

Used GEA Westfalia Disc Separator MSD70-01-076

Disc Separator MSD70-01-076 Manufacturer: GEA Westfalia Type: MSD 70-01-076 Manufacturing year: 2002 Description: Self-cleaning disc centrifuge Capacity: 10,000 LPH for milk/whey separation and 15,000 LPH clarification/standardization Bowl Speed: 6450 rpm Motor Power: 15 kw This separator Disc Separator MSD70-01-076 has been designed for hot milk or whey skimming, cream concentration or serum skimming. The self-cleaning…
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February 19, 2022 0
Disc Separator RSE110-01-776

Used GEA Westfalia Disc Separator RSE110-01-776

Disc Separator RSE110-01-776 Continuous degumming, neutralizing, dewaxing, and washing of fatty oils, such as various vegetable oils, lard, tallow, and fish oil. This separator has been designed for use in the edible oil industry. The product is fed into the bowl through a closed-line system with hydrohermetic feed. The light liquid phase (clean oil) is…
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February 6, 2022 0