COP-System - Major Design Modifications

COP-System separators have been redesigned. ROD Media is now contained within radial flow cartridges as opposed to pillows. Containment vessels now stand vertically rather than lying horizontally. These modifications are significant in many ways. Flowrates have increased dramatically even though the system's footprint has been reduced considerably. Maintenance has become a lot more simple. Spent cartridges are easily replaced with new ones thanks to hinged covers on the vessels.

See the link below for a picture of the new design. This is a fully automated two vessel COP-System. (Designed to reduce oil content to below 15ppm) This unit can process up to 15 m3/h (66gpm) and is expected to be used in a wide range of industrial and marine applications. Promotional literature and technical specifications will be available shortly.

COP-14 Photo (15 m3/h)


Canadian Patent Granted for COP-System Technology

Separatech Canada Inc. is pleased to announce that its Canadian patent application has now issued to patent and that the intellectual property rights pertaining to its COP-System technology are now fully protected in Canada . This decision by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office ( is a clear demonstration of the novelty, inventiveness and industrial applicability of the oily water treatment process defined by COP. 

The Company expects several other patent applications to issue in the coming months, both within Europe and the Americas.



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