Separatech Canada Inc. designs, manufactures, and distributes the COP-System™, a proprietary brand of oily water separator.
Developed recently using the company’s process inventions, the COP-System separates and recovers emulsified and free-floating hydrocarbons from water solutions. The technology’s competitive advantage lies in its ability to remove fine oil emulsions (0.5µm-30µm) without the use of chemicals, heat, or long residence times.

Separatech expects its new breed of separator to eventually replace many of the more conventional oily water separation technologies currently used in water treatment processes worldwide. Our goal is to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of hydrocarbon remediation and recovery products through the establishment and promotion of our COP-System Brand.

Last year, Separatech set out to field test COP-System prototypes in order to validate the technology. The most promising applications were targeted in the following industries and market sectors:

      Oil & Gas (
Production, Refining, Transportation, Storage)
      Groundwater Remediation
      Industrial Wastewater
      Shipping Bilge Water
      Oil Spills (
Marine Disasters)

Encouraging results and design modifications have culminated in the sale of several units of varying capacities. Data collection and feedback from end users is continuously updated on this website.

Separatech has started to manufacture, distribute and service its commercial units through an evolving network of partnerships with reputable, well-connected and strategically located companies around the world. By doing so, Separatech is able to concentrate on its core competency, the research and development of its technology. We will spend the majority of our time improving upon the efficiency of our existing separators and expanding the COP-System brand by continually developing new application-specific separators.

Separatech Canada Inc. is a privately held company, owned and operated out of Montreal, Quebec.


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